Earn From Your RISE Balance

Did you know you can start earning by the RISE coins/tokens that are laying in your official RISE Wallet. It involves only 2 steps that I’ll tell you in this post, and I promise it’s simple.

Two Steps To Earn Via Your RISE Balance
1. Select Delegate Node. Delegate Node name is coinmarket.live
2. Vote for it.

Done. Sit back and enjoy the rewards come to your RISE address automatically.

Is it Legitimate?

First question you might ask is – Is it legitimate and does RISE team allow it? And the answer is YES. Actually its a facility provided by RISEVISION team itself.

rise purpose

Mining v/s DPoS

Hope you’ve heard of mining. Its a process by which transactions are verified and added to the public ledger, known as the block chain, and also the means through which new bitcoin/altcoin are released. Anyone with access to the internet and suitable hardware can participate in mining.

If you did not understand above lines, you need not worry. I had not understood it for a long time either. Lets proceed.

RISE does not use Mining process, but uses DPoS. DPoS means Delegated Proof of Stake.

Delegated Proof of Stake
RISE DPoS is a network of RISE nodes maintained by 101 Delegates and elected by the Rise community who cast their votes using their Rise wallets. The vote weight of each wallet is in proportion to the amount of RISE it contains. Elected active Delegates earn RISE rewards for running nodes that secure the network and confirm transactions on the blockchain.

Good if you understood this or else there is no problem either. Now let’s get to the point. I’ll tell you how you can earn via the RISE balance you’ve in your RISE official wallet.

How To Earn Via My RISE Balance?

You can cast your vote for any Delegate Node(these nodes are responsible for the processing of RISE transactions), and it costs 1 RISE coin/token per vote. By casting your vote you give the power or your support for that Delegate Node to process the RISE networks transactions. That way the Delegate Node earns rewards(Transaction Fee – in the form of RISE coins/tokens). As token of thanks we(Delegate Node) distribute most of those reward to our voters. Simple and straightforward.

The Best RISE Delegate Node
Why our Delegate Node is the best? Because we do not accept unlimited number of votes. If we get lot of votes, we need to share the reward with lot of people/voters. So everybody gets less reward share. What we do is, we only accept as many votes as we need, to stay within the 101 league. This way we can do our job and distribute good amount of reward to our limited (and special) voters.

You can visit our RISE Delegate Node page and see if we’re inside 60 (in 101 delegate node list), if not you can vote. If we are already listed in between 1st – 60th position, then kindly do not vote for us. This would cause less profit(reward share) to our voters, overall.

We’ll share 85% of our reward with our voters.

How To Cast Your Vote To Delegate Node

To cast your vote, your RISE tokens must be present inside official RISE wallet.

1. Log into your wallet. Click on VOTES tab.
2. Click on ADD DELEGATE button.
3. Enter coinmarket.live (copy and paste this, no typos please) in Delegate name section. Click on ADD DELEGATE button.
4. Now coinmarket.live will be listed inside your RISE wallet Dashboard. Select it and click on VOTE button.
5. Confirm your vote. It’ll take 1 RISE token / coin for the vote.

That’s it. Sit back and watch your RISE balance increase.

The vote weight of each wallet is in proportion to the amount of RISE it contains. And the amount of Reward we share is directly proportional to the vote weight.