EthOS Hangs – Change BIOS Settings

If this is the first time you’re using EthOS for your rig and it doesn’t take you to the screen where you type the minestart command to start mining – it hangs on a screen which informs you to check the hardware and risers for any faults, then you probably have to make little modification to your BIOS settings before messing up with the GPU(or other hardware parts) and risers.


BIOS Settings

Reboot your rig(directly reboot or press alt + ctrl + Del keys), press Del button or any other button depending on your motherboard and bios config, to get into Bios settings.


Go to Boot section/tab. CSM Support. And Enable it.

Save and Exit – F10. Yes.

Now EthOS boots completely and you can start mining.

If EthOS still hangs and do not show you the mining screen then you need to remove all your external devices, especially GPUs and insert only 1 GPU and try booting EthOS. Once it boots successfully, you can add GPUs one by one and finally detect the faulty GPU/hardware.

Note: I’m using Biostar TB250 BTC PRO motherboard and have updated to latest BIOS.