Get Passive Income From Exchange

People who are new to cryptocurrency trading get into confusion as to which exchange to use, which one is better or which has less transaction fee etc.

I personally like Bittrex, Exodus, Binance. But today I would like to introduce you to a new exchange which is growing at a rapid pace and they have their own share/coin and they share their profit with the investors. Isn’t that a nice idea. I know there are other exchanges doing same, but this one I’m going to tell you is the best of them all.


For example: This exchange went down(server was down) due to some DDoS attack and was not accessible for couple of hours, and they gave 5 shares to each person for free with an apology note. That’s a good gesture. I mean, it’s a new exchange and these kind of hiccups are normal in the beginning days. What matters is how much they care for their customers.

Signup at Kucoin

Invitation code: E3bow4

Kucoin Cryptocurrency Exchange

Kucoin has Kucoin Shares( KCS ), you can invest in it.

Kucoin Bonus

The amount of Kucoin bonus is calculated based on the amount of asset held at 0:00 on a daily basis and the trading fee of Kucoin Shares KCS today. If the calculated amount is less than 0.00000001, the amount of Kucoin bonus will be ignored.

Why Kucoin?

1. They’ve good customer support team. They respond!! unlike other exchanges.
2. Their fee is low, as they already have Kucoin Shares( KCS ) investors money. They do not make much money via fee collection. In fact they share their income(fee) with their investors.
3. They run discounted fee offers to attract more users, which is in fact good for its users.
4. They keep adding new coins. So if you participated in an ICO and you’re looking for an exchange which lists it, then you must have Kucoin a/c. They’re usually fast and first to list these new coins.

Its better to have an account with Kucoin and I would also suggest investing in Kucoin Share( KCS ). You’ll be delighted to see your profit share credited to your account daily. One more thing to note: They do not just give you more Kucoin share as your profit share, they give you profit share in the form of all other coins they’ve listed on their exchange. You’ll get those valuable coins every day(you won’t get it if there is NO trading on the platform).

Signup at Kucoin

Invitation code: E3bow4

Personal Note
As I said above in the article, Kucoin is fast in listing new coins. People who have invested in the ICO will surely signup and start trading those new coins. Some want to sell it for just 10x profit and then invest the money again in new ICO. What we need to concentrate is, there are many people who’ll be trading on Kucoin, thus this platform will surely have many traders and thus the value of Kucoin Share(KCS) will keep increasing. Also we keep getting good profit share or dividend as we hold(HODL) the kucoin share in our kucoin account. So it’s almost 100% sure to make you money.

1. Get yourself a Kucoin account. (Invitation code: E3bow4)
2. Invest in Kucoin Share(KCS).
3. You’ll get daily profit share(dividend) for holding kucoin.
4. Kucoin share price keeps increasing as trading increases on the platform / exchange.

My Kucoin Shares(KCS) wallet address: 0xd88896ebdf98ed8e48acf2af1b76c3fc800d6278
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