How To Purchase Altcoin?

You can purchase altcoin directly from their respective websites in their early stage – ICO (Initial coin offering). But once it’s listed on an exchange(where you buy/sell these currencies) you can exchange your Bitcoin with other coins(altcoin).

Altcoins are coins other than Bitcoin! You can see list of most of these altcoins on our home page.

Initial coin offering (ICO) is an unregulated means of crowdfunding via cryptocurrency. The term is often confused with ‘token sale’ or crowdsale, which refers to a method of selling participation in an economy, giving investors access to the features of a particular project starting at a later date.

For example:
If you’re in India, you can buy Bitcoin via Zebpay, then you can transfer your Bitcoin to exchanges like Binance or Bittrex or changelly or Kucoin.


Signup and log into Bittrex. Go to Wallets link inside Bittrex. Click on + (plus) icon next to Bitcoin(BTC), you can see your Bitcoin wallet address.

bitcoin address bittrex

Open your Zebpay(or any other app) app where you’ve your Bitcoin, click on Transfer Bitcoin and then enter your Bittrex Bitcoin address. Select the amount you want to send, and hit send button.

1. Make sure to double check the Bittrex address. Make sure that you’ve entered only Bitcoin wallet address and not other altcoins.
2. Once you send Bitcoin to wrong address, it’s gone for ever – unless you know the person who you sent it to and you request it back from him/her!

You can first transfer Rs 1000 or $10 worth Bitcoin to your Bittrex account first. Once that’s successful, you can send remaining amount of Bitcoin to the same address.

Bitcoin to Altcoin

Once you have Bitcoin in your Bittrex account(it might take 5 minutes for the transfer). You can visit Bittrex home page and select the altcoin and bid or buy or exchange it with other altcoin. It’s easy.

Bitcoin to TenX(PAY Tokens)


Units: is the number of units of the altcoin(TenX in our example).
Bid: The Bitcoin you are ready to pay per altcoin.
Type: If you select Bitcoin to TenX(or any other altcoin) rate which is lower than the current rate, then you’ll not get it until the price drops to the level you set. So setting it to ‘Good Till cancel’ would make sense in such case.
Total: It is the total Bitcoin you’re converting to altcoin.

Now click on ‘Buy’ button.

Units: Number of units you want to sell.
Ask: The bid amount you want to sell the altcoin(per coin).
Type: Till the ASK condition is met.
Total: Total Bitcoin you would get after the sell order is executed.

Now you know how to exchange “Bitcoin to Altcoin” and “altcoin to Bitcoin” using Bittrex exchange.

Using Changelly Exchange
Buy Bitcoin using Zebpay.
Visit Changelly. Select the number of Bitcoin to convert, then select the altcoin, and then convert! Next Changelly would give you a Bitcoin address, transfer Bitcoin to that address from your Zebpay or any other app where you have your Bitcoin. You can use below widget to try it.

There are many other services out there which can be used to convert Bitcoin to altcoin – but make sure to use only trusted exchanges. And once you convert your Bitcoin to altcoin, transfer those coins / stocks to official wallets for better safety.

There involves a small fee for each conversion(BUY/SELL) – Which will be shown to you before you place your final order each time.