EthOS Hangs – Change BIOS Settings

If this is the first time you’re using EthOS for your rig and it doesn’t take you to the screen where you type the minestart command to start mining – it hangs on a screen which informs you to check the hardware and risers for any faults, then you probably have to make little modification to your BIOS settings before messing up with the GPU(or other hardware parts) and risers.


BIOS Settings

Reboot your rig(directly reboot or press alt + ctrl + Del keys), press Del button or any other button depending on your motherboard and bios config, to get into Bios settings.


Go to Boot section/tab. CSM Support. And Enable it.

Save and Exit – F10. Yes.

Now EthOS boots completely and you can start mining.

If EthOS still hangs and do not show you the mining screen then you need to remove all your external devices, especially GPUs and insert only 1 GPU and try booting EthOS. Once it boots successfully, you can add GPUs one by one and finally detect the faulty GPU/hardware.

Note: I’m using Biostar TB250 BTC PRO motherboard and have updated to latest BIOS.

Get Passive Income From Exchange

People who are new to cryptocurrency trading get into confusion as to which exchange to use, which one is better or which has less transaction fee etc.

I personally like Bittrex, Exodus, Binance. But today I would like to introduce you to a new exchange which is growing at a rapid pace and they have their own share/coin and they share their profit with the investors. Isn’t that a nice idea. I know there are other exchanges doing same, but this one I’m going to tell you is the best of them all.


For example: This exchange went down(server was down) due to some DDoS attack and was not accessible for couple of hours, and they gave 5 shares to each person for free with an apology note. That’s a good gesture. I mean, it’s a new exchange and these kind of hiccups are normal in the beginning days. What matters is how much they care for their customers.

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Kucoin Cryptocurrency Exchange

Kucoin has Kucoin Shares( KCS ), you can invest in it.

Kucoin Bonus

The amount of Kucoin bonus is calculated based on the amount of asset held at 0:00 on a daily basis and the trading fee of Kucoin Shares KCS today. If the calculated amount is less than 0.00000001, the amount of Kucoin bonus will be ignored.

Why Kucoin?

1. They’ve good customer support team. They respond!! unlike other exchanges.
2. Their fee is low, as they already have Kucoin Shares( KCS ) investors money. They do not make much money via fee collection. In fact they share their income(fee) with their investors.
3. They run discounted fee offers to attract more users, which is in fact good for its users.
4. They keep adding new coins. So if you participated in an ICO and you’re looking for an exchange which lists it, then you must have Kucoin a/c. They’re usually fast and first to list these new coins.

Its better to have an account with Kucoin and I would also suggest investing in Kucoin Share( KCS ). You’ll be delighted to see your profit share credited to your account daily. One more thing to note: They do not just give you more Kucoin share as your profit share, they give you profit share in the form of all other coins they’ve listed on their exchange. You’ll get those valuable coins every day(you won’t get it if there is NO trading on the platform).

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Personal Note
As I said above in the article, Kucoin is fast in listing new coins. People who have invested in the ICO will surely signup and start trading those new coins. Some want to sell it for just 10x profit and then invest the money again in new ICO. What we need to concentrate is, there are many people who’ll be trading on Kucoin, thus this platform will surely have many traders and thus the value of Kucoin Share(KCS) will keep increasing. Also we keep getting good profit share or dividend as we hold(HODL) the kucoin share in our kucoin account. So it’s almost 100% sure to make you money.

1. Get yourself a Kucoin account. (Invitation code: E3bow4)
2. Invest in Kucoin Share(KCS).
3. You’ll get daily profit share(dividend) for holding kucoin.
4. Kucoin share price keeps increasing as trading increases on the platform / exchange.

My Kucoin Shares(KCS) wallet address: 0xd88896ebdf98ed8e48acf2af1b76c3fc800d6278
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Computer Restarts / Freezes After 15 Minutes

Basically I’ve a mining rig and it worked for 2 days without any problem, non-stop. And then suddenly this problem started. Whenever I turn on my mining rig it works fine for 15 or 30 minutes and then mining stops by itself and doesn’t resume. GPU fans and lights will be ON and everything else looks like functioning from outside.

Log files
After checking the log files and using remote debugging tools, I could see that most of the GPUs(I’ve Sapphire Nitro+ OC Radeon RX 570, 4GB GDDR5, Elpida GPU) would freeze, including the one to which I connect my Monitor(via HDMI cable).



1. If it never worked even for a day from the day of your purchase, then it might be power supply issue. Check if your PSU is providing enough watts to your GPUs and other components.
2. If it worked fine for some days and this problem started suddenly. You can do 2 things:
i. Remove ALL the cables. Make sure you are not connecting more than 2 devices to your Sata power cable, while reconnecting.
ii. Use your regular vacuum cleaner and clean all the slots – RAM slots, PCI slots etc. Remove the dust properly. And then reconnect all the cables/components.

1. Do not use air blowing, because it sometimes generates moisture. So better use air sucking mechanism to suck the dust sitting on the motherboard and inside the slots.
2. Do not use any fiber or wiping cloths, as these might damage the small soldering. And some fiber cleaning material has its own static energy, so avoid such things too.

1. Turn off the rig and remove the power cord when its raining with lightning and thunder.
2. Turn off the rig when there is voltage fluctuations.
3. Make sure to increase the fan speed and provide proper ventilation if the GPUs are getting too hot. And also set the rig to shutdown if the GPU temperature reaches certain point.
4. Always use branded / high quality cables and power cords only.

Further ..
If the problem persists, then remove all the GPUs and connect only 1 GPU and check the rig. Do this by connecting GPU one by one, this way you can detect the faulty GPU or the riser. This way you can fix the problem by fixing the problematic component.

My rig started working properly once again, after I removed all the cables, blew some air from my vacuum cleaner and cleaned the dust(from RAM slot and PCI slots) and reconnected all the components.

Earn From Your RISE Balance

Did you know you can start earning by the RISE coins/tokens that are laying in your official RISE Wallet. It involves only 2 steps that I’ll tell you in this post, and I promise it’s simple.

Two Steps To Earn Via Your RISE Balance
1. Select Delegate Node. Delegate Node name is
2. Vote for it.

Done. Sit back and enjoy the rewards come to your RISE address automatically.

Is it Legitimate?

First question you might ask is – Is it legitimate and does RISE team allow it? And the answer is YES. Actually its a facility provided by RISEVISION team itself.

rise purpose

Mining v/s DPoS

Hope you’ve heard of mining. Its a process by which transactions are verified and added to the public ledger, known as the block chain, and also the means through which new bitcoin/altcoin are released. Anyone with access to the internet and suitable hardware can participate in mining.

If you did not understand above lines, you need not worry. I had not understood it for a long time either. Lets proceed.

RISE does not use Mining process, but uses DPoS. DPoS means Delegated Proof of Stake.

Delegated Proof of Stake
RISE DPoS is a network of RISE nodes maintained by 101 Delegates and elected by the Rise community who cast their votes using their Rise wallets. The vote weight of each wallet is in proportion to the amount of RISE it contains. Elected active Delegates earn RISE rewards for running nodes that secure the network and confirm transactions on the blockchain.

Good if you understood this or else there is no problem either. Now let’s get to the point. I’ll tell you how you can earn via the RISE balance you’ve in your RISE official wallet.

How To Earn Via My RISE Balance?

You can cast your vote for any Delegate Node(these nodes are responsible for the processing of RISE transactions), and it costs 1 RISE coin/token per vote. By casting your vote you give the power or your support for that Delegate Node to process the RISE networks transactions. That way the Delegate Node earns rewards(Transaction Fee – in the form of RISE coins/tokens). As token of thanks we(Delegate Node) distribute most of those reward to our voters. Simple and straightforward.

The Best RISE Delegate Node
Why our Delegate Node is the best? Because we do not accept unlimited number of votes. If we get lot of votes, we need to share the reward with lot of people/voters. So everybody gets less reward share. What we do is, we only accept as many votes as we need, to stay within the 101 league. This way we can do our job and distribute good amount of reward to our limited (and special) voters.

You can visit our RISE Delegate Node page and see if we’re inside 60 (in 101 delegate node list), if not you can vote. If we are already listed in between 1st – 60th position, then kindly do not vote for us. This would cause less profit(reward share) to our voters, overall.

We’ll share 85% of our reward with our voters.

How To Cast Your Vote To Delegate Node

To cast your vote, your RISE tokens must be present inside official RISE wallet.

1. Log into your wallet. Click on VOTES tab.
2. Click on ADD DELEGATE button.
3. Enter (copy and paste this, no typos please) in Delegate name section. Click on ADD DELEGATE button.
4. Now will be listed inside your RISE wallet Dashboard. Select it and click on VOTE button.
5. Confirm your vote. It’ll take 1 RISE token / coin for the vote.

That’s it. Sit back and watch your RISE balance increase.

The vote weight of each wallet is in proportion to the amount of RISE it contains. And the amount of Reward we share is directly proportional to the vote weight.

How To Purchase Altcoin?

You can purchase altcoin directly from their respective websites in their early stage – ICO (Initial coin offering). But once it’s listed on an exchange(where you buy/sell these currencies) you can exchange your Bitcoin with other coins(altcoin).

Altcoins are coins other than Bitcoin! You can see list of most of these altcoins on our home page.

Initial coin offering (ICO) is an unregulated means of crowdfunding via cryptocurrency. The term is often confused with ‘token sale’ or crowdsale, which refers to a method of selling participation in an economy, giving investors access to the features of a particular project starting at a later date.

For example:
If you’re in India, you can buy Bitcoin via Zebpay, then you can transfer your Bitcoin to exchanges like Binance or Bittrex or changelly or Kucoin.


Signup and log into Bittrex. Go to Wallets link inside Bittrex. Click on + (plus) icon next to Bitcoin(BTC), you can see your Bitcoin wallet address.

bitcoin address bittrex

Open your Zebpay(or any other app) app where you’ve your Bitcoin, click on Transfer Bitcoin and then enter your Bittrex Bitcoin address. Select the amount you want to send, and hit send button.

1. Make sure to double check the Bittrex address. Make sure that you’ve entered only Bitcoin wallet address and not other altcoins.
2. Once you send Bitcoin to wrong address, it’s gone for ever – unless you know the person who you sent it to and you request it back from him/her!

You can first transfer Rs 1000 or $10 worth Bitcoin to your Bittrex account first. Once that’s successful, you can send remaining amount of Bitcoin to the same address.

Bitcoin to Altcoin

Once you have Bitcoin in your Bittrex account(it might take 5 minutes for the transfer). You can visit Bittrex home page and select the altcoin and bid or buy or exchange it with other altcoin. It’s easy.

Bitcoin to TenX(PAY Tokens)


Units: is the number of units of the altcoin(TenX in our example).
Bid: The Bitcoin you are ready to pay per altcoin.
Type: If you select Bitcoin to TenX(or any other altcoin) rate which is lower than the current rate, then you’ll not get it until the price drops to the level you set. So setting it to ‘Good Till cancel’ would make sense in such case.
Total: It is the total Bitcoin you’re converting to altcoin.

Now click on ‘Buy’ button.

Units: Number of units you want to sell.
Ask: The bid amount you want to sell the altcoin(per coin).
Type: Till the ASK condition is met.
Total: Total Bitcoin you would get after the sell order is executed.

Now you know how to exchange “Bitcoin to Altcoin” and “altcoin to Bitcoin” using Bittrex exchange.

Using Changelly Exchange
Buy Bitcoin using Zebpay.
Visit Changelly. Select the number of Bitcoin to convert, then select the altcoin, and then convert! Next Changelly would give you a Bitcoin address, transfer Bitcoin to that address from your Zebpay or any other app where you have your Bitcoin. You can use below widget to try it.

There are many other services out there which can be used to convert Bitcoin to altcoin – but make sure to use only trusted exchanges. And once you convert your Bitcoin to altcoin, transfer those coins / stocks to official wallets for better safety.

There involves a small fee for each conversion(BUY/SELL) – Which will be shown to you before you place your final order each time.

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zebpay free bitcoins

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zebpay promo code free bitcoins

These 2 simple steps will earn you free bitcoins. You can check bitcoin rate and altcoin (coins other than Bitcoin is called altcoin) rates on our homepage.

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